Course: Electrophysiological applications in neurophysiology

New course:

Credits 5 ECTS
Timing 3.-17.12.2010, daily at 13:00-17:00
Place Department of Physiology, Viikinkaari 1, Rooms 2601, 2602, 2606, and
Responsible persons Tomi Taira and Mikael Segerstr?le
Relations to other study units Advanced courses in neurobiology, genetics
and molecular biology are required.
Contents During the course, the students will learn basic skills in vitro
electrophysiological techniques (extra- and intracellular recordings,
patch-clamp). Different recording modes and their advantages and
disadvantages (current-clamp, voltage-clamp, population responses,
single-cell activity, different synaptic inputs) will be dealt with. By the
end of the course the students should be able to understand the
possibilities and the limitations of in vitro electrophysiological
approaches in neuroscience research, and to design experiments in which the
techniques are applied in a physiologically relevant manner

Background knowledge: Advanced courses in neurobiology, molecular
biology/biochemistry/genetics are recommended for those planning to attend
the course.

Applications for the course should include a brief description of the
background knowledge, especially the level of studies in neurobiology, lab
experience (e.g. courses in biochemistry etc.) and a letter of intention
(why do you want
to attend this course?)
Please send your email application to before November
1st, 2010.

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