Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University SFU being a successor of the Rostov State University is now the biggest University in the Southern Federal District in Russia. Its particular strength is in successful transfer of basic research results into innovative engineering and technological solutions. In the field of life sciences this knowledge transfer is facilitated by the fact that the SFU affiliates the former Taganrog State Radio Engineering University and a number of research institutes including Institute for Neurocybernetics. The SFUs' particular strength is in the field of neuroinformatics, including computational modeling of neurons and neural networks, as well as design of biologically motivated machine vision systems. 

SFU member of the BioN management board is Prof. Evgeny Aidarkin, Vice-Rector for Research, Head of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology

 BioN coordinator in SFU – Dr. Marina Pavlovskaya


Dr.  Anaotliy Uzdenskiy

Dr. Lubov Podladchikova

Dr. Ruben Tikidji-Hamburyan 

Dr. Dmitry Shaposhniov 

Dr. Evgenia Belova

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