Reports about practice abroad and modular courses

Reports about modular courses and schools:

Reports about practical placements:

  •  Student of St. Petersburg State University, Tatiana Kuznetsova, spent three months at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genova from 01.07.2010 to 09.28.2010 practicing modern methods of work with cellular neurosubstratum.

Report Tatiana Kuznetsova of practice (English)

  • BioN collaboration –Dynamic Clamp Recording

First Dynamic Clamp Recordings in Russia.

February 8-9, 2010, Nijny Novgorod, Russia. A short but promising practice in patch-clamping and modeling has been provided for BioN’s participants from NNGU and the Ioffe Institute. The BioN’s team studied the dynamic clamp technique of patch-clamp recordings in neurons of hippocampal slices.


Neuron-Computer interface.

June 16-29, 2010, Umea, Sweden. We, a team of BioN’s colleagues from Umea University and the Ioffe Institute, studied how to perform various protocols of the dynamic clamp (DC) recordings in dissociated neurons. We’ve designed new software for the DC written in Delphi-Pascal programming language.

Full text of the report with pictures you may find here

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