University of Helsinki and Finnish Graduate School of Neuroscience

University of Helsinki, Finland - coordinator of the Tempus project aimed to create the BioN network. 

University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world and one of the founding members of the League of European Research Universities (LERU).
The key staff at the University of Helsinki coordinating the BioN project are the chairman, professor Kai Kaila and the coordinator, Dr. Katri Wegelius, of the Finnish Graduate School of Neuroscience (FGSN). The FGSN is a national postgraduate training network of six Finnish Universities funded by the Ministry of Education and the Academy of Finland. The FGSN provides opportunities for doctoral students in different fields of neuroscience ranging from molecular and biotechnological neuroscience to cellular and systems neuroscience, imaging, information technology and behaviour.

Professor Kai Kaila -Leader of the BioN project 

Kai Kaila is professor of Neurobiology at the Department of Biosciences and Research Director at the Neuroscience Center of Neuroscience and the director of the Postgraduate Training Network in Biotechnology of Neuroscience (BioN).
Kaila?s research team investigates the biophysical, molecular and network mechanisms underlying neuronal communication and plasticity in the developing and epileptic brain. More recently, his work has  also a strong translational and clinical dimension concerning preterm and full term human babies.  Kaila?s team belongs to the Finnish Center of Excellence in Molecular and Integrative  Neuroscience (Academy of Finland, 2008-2013).




Dr. Katri Wegelius - Coordinator of the BioN project

  Katri Wegelius, Ph.D. Coordinator of Finnish Graduate School of Neuroscence 

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