Italian Institute of Technology


The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a modern multidisciplinary research and education center. Research activities at IIT concentrate on elucidation of molecular mechanisms of neurotransmission and synaptic plasticity, starting from individual synapses to synaptic circuits up to brain diseases, on neuroengineering and development of brain-machine interfaces and humanoid technologies encompassing machine learning and artificial cognition, in combination with advanced material and nanotechnological techniques, and on discovery of innovative medicines for treatment of major human diseases. Together with the University of Genova, IIT provides multidisciplinary training in the frame of Doctoral School in "Robotics, Neuroscience and Nanotechnologies".

BioN Coordinator at IIT: Alexander Dityatev

BioN Lecturers at IIT: Alexander Dityatev and Raul Gainetdinov

A group for “Cell adhesion and Synaptic Functions” research at IIT (Gaga Kochlamazashvili, Alexander Dityatev, Galina Dityateva, Patricia Lievens and Elena Dvoretskova)

A BioN student Tatiana Kuznetsova attended the 1st IIT Neuroscience Workshop during her placement at IIT (on the image she is with Gaga Kochlamazashvili and Alexander Dityatev)

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