«Modelling of Dopamine cell bursting in normal and pathological conditions» by Boris Gutkin, PhD, 5.04.2016

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«Modelling of Dopamine cell bursting in normal and pathological conditions» 
by  Boris Gutkin, PhD

The digit span is one of the most widely used memory tests in clinical and experimental neuropsychology for reliably measuring short-term memory capacity. In the forward version, sequences of digits of increasing length have to be reproduced in the order in which they are presented, whereas in the backward version items must be reproduced in the reversed order. Here, we assessed whether transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) increases the memory span for digits of young and midlife adults. Imperceptibly weak electrical currents in the alpha (10 Hz), beta (20 Hz), theta (5 Hz) and gamma (40 Hz) range, as well as a sham stimulation, were delivered over the left posterior parietal cortex, a cortical region thought to sustain maintenance processes in short-term memory through oscillatory brain activity in the beta range. We showed a frequency-specific effect of  beta-tACS that robustly increased the forward memory span of young, but not  middle-aged, healthy individuals. The effect correlated with age: the younger the subjects, the greater the benefit arising from parietal beta stimulation. Our results provide evidence of a short-term memory capacity improvement in young adults by online frequency-specific tACS application.

Date:     05.04.2016
Time:       15.00
Address:  Volgogradsky Prosp., 46B
Room:     210

Please, sign up via email to ibadusheva@hse.ru to attend the seminar. If you need a pass to enter the building, please do not forget to bring your passport or ID to the event.

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