Active and passive methods of the brain mapping 2016

Host Institution: 

We invite undergraduates, graduate students and young researchers in the intensive workshop, jointly developed by the HSE, MGPPU, Moscow State University, IHNA RAS, St. Petersburg State University and Research Center "Kurchatov Institute". 

Workshop focuses on issues such as the how the human brain recognizes a specific environmental stimuli and how it reacts to them, what areas of the brain involved in the solution of this problem. The lectures and practical sessions will be held at Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE, during 4 days: 2-5 November, 2016

The program includes the following topics:

Day 1: EEG and MEG for the brain mapping
Day 2: TMS and TDCS tools of active decoding of the human brain activity
Day 3: Neuroeconomics as a modern approach to understand the brain mechanisms. Ivasive methods for exploring the brain
Day 4: Brain Mapping by MRI
The workshop involves a 4-day 6-hour format. In addition to lectures on each topic, the program includes practical sessions and roundtables. The next technologies will be demonstrated for participants: TMS, TES, EEG, fMRI, eye tracking.

Please, find more inforamtion about programme and registration for the workshop at


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