Redeeming your travel expenses

Dear  Collegues,

In order to make reimbursement of your travel expenses from Helsinki University, please, fill in the Travel report of Helsinki University  (matkalas-englanti.doc) form (known also as the SPECIFICATION OF TRAVELLING EXPENSES) and the Tempus Individual Mobility Report  form of our contractual agreement. You have to fill them both

Fill in travel reports:

  •  personal data
  •  type of activity
  •  period spent abroad
  •  description of activity (do NOT write anything about research activities; this project is only for training/administration etc). Desription of activities in the Tempus report can be on a separate sheet
  •  signature + stamp of the institute (stamp only at the report of the University of Helsinki)

Here is an example of filled Tempus idnividual mobilty report and example of travel report for the University of Helsinki

Note! if you paid in a currency other than euro, you should put prices in that currency inside of the table in the both reports, but not in the ammount in Euro. Prices in Euro will be calculated later according to special Tempus/EACEA rates and Helsinki University rates.

You may fill in the individual report on the web site and then reptint it.

In addition to the travel report of HU and the Tempus travel report, please, also submit  your Report on the activity you carried out (half of page  would be enough, but if you fill that you would wish to tell more, do not hesitate) . The report could include your personal activities, views, accessemet etc. It is extremely important to have your feedback! Here is an example of activity report (Dr. Ivan Pavlov was so kind to provide us this report)

Please, send all the papers together with  your original tickets and receipts to the following address:

Katri Wegelius
Department of Biosciences
P.O.Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland


Travel costs cover transport at national and international level. Only actual travel costs will be considered eligible.

  •  Reimbursement is based on real costs, independent of the means of travel chosen (rail, bus, taxi, plane, hire car); beneficiaries are required to use the cheapest means of travel (e.g.
  • Economy tickets for air travel and to take advantage of reduced fares; where this is not the case a full explanation should be provided).
  • The travel cost for a journey should include all costs and means of travel from the point of departure to the point of arrival (and return) and may include visa fees, travel insurance and cancellation costs.
  •  Expenses for private car travel (private or company cars), where substantiated and where the price is not excessive, will be refunded as follows (whichever the cheaper option): -either a rate per km in accordance with the internal rules of the organisation concerned up to a maximum ofEUR 0.22; -or the price of a rail, bus or plane ticket (see first bullet point above); only the price of one ticket will be reimbursed, irrespective ofthe number ofpeople travelling in the same vehicle.
  • For hire cars (maximum category B or equivalent) or taxis: -the actual cost where this is not excessive if compared to other means of transport (also taking into account factors such as time ofday or excessive luggage) -Reimbursement will be made for the real cost of car hire, irrespective of the number of people travelling in the same vehicle.
  • Costs related to entry visas and related obligatory insurances should also be listed under this heading

Eligible expenses for staff costs of stay

The staff travel costs are meant to provide each person participating in a mobility programme with a daily allowance to cover costs for subsistence, accommodation, local and public transport such as bus and taxi, personal or optional health insurance etc.

The following ceilings in euro apply for person:

Duration     Cost of stay for international mobility   Cost of stay for  RF Partners within RF
1 day          150                                                       80

2 days        292                                                      150

3 days        434                                                      220

4 days        576                                                      290

5 days        718                                                      360

6 days        860                                                      430

1week       1000                                                     500

2 weeks    1600                                                     800

Except in the case of a national law to the contrary, beneficiary institutions should not suspend payment of normal salaries to their staff during time spent travelling within the framework of the Tempus project.

In practice, it matters that: according to Finnish regulations, daily allownces are 57 euro only (this is for visiting St.-Petersburg), which actually contradicts the EU guidlines.  To give you an example: your maxima is 150 euro. Your daily allowne is 55. The rest may be used to compensate for the hotel.