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Dr. Ivan Pavlov graduated from Rostov-on-Don State University in 1995. He worked as a research assistant and later as a lab manager in the Department of Experimental Pathology and Electron Microscopy in Rostov Regional Anatomical Pathology Bureau. In 1998 he moved to Finland and joined the group of Dr. Tomi Taira (Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki) and worked in close collaboration with Prof. Heikki Rauvala (Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Finland). Dr. Pavlov obtained his PhD at the University of Helsinki. In his PhD studies (1998-2004) he has established the role of extracellular matrix component, heparin-binding growth-associated molecule (HB-GAM) in regulation of hippocampal LTP and learning and memory.

In 2005 Dr. Ivan Pavlov moved to the Institute of Neurology (University College London, UK) to study the role of tonically active GABA(A) receptors in normal brain function and disease. Since 2009 Dr. Pavlov is an Epilepsy Research UK Fellow.

Dr. Pavlov was an individual expert in the Tempus Project JEP_25026_2004 and contributed a lot to establish an MSc Programme in Neuroscience in St.-Petersburg State University. He is also a founder and coordinator of a neuroscience website www.neuroscience.ru (2003 present).


Tonic GABA(A) receptor-mediated inhibition (as part of Systems Neuroscience course for undergraduate students, Kings College London, UK, 2009, 2010)

Course for MSc. students: “Synaptic Plasticity: underlying mechanisms and functional implications” (2007 - 2009; SPbSU, Russia)

Recent publications

• Pavlov I., Scimemi A., Savtchenko L., Kullmann D.M., Walker M.C. Ih mediated depolarization enhances the temporal precision of neuronal integration Nature Communications, 2011, (in press).

• Walker MC, Pavlov I, Kullmann DM. A 'sustain pedal' in the hippocampus? Nat Neurosci., 2010, Feb;13(2):146-8.

• Pavlov I, Kullmann DM. How much inhibition in an epileptiform burst? J Physiol., 2010, Jan 1;588 (Pt 1):17-8.

• Pavlov I, Savtchenko LP, Kullmann DM, Semyanov A, Walker MC. Outwardly rectifying tonically active GABA(A) receptors in pyramidal cells modulate neuronal offset, not gain. J Neurosci., 2009, Dec 2;29(48):15341-50.

• Pavlov I, Walker MC, Kullmann DM Computational sophistication at a single GABAergic connection. Neuron, 2009, Sep 24;63(6):716-8.

• Riekki R, Pavlov I, Tornberg J, Lauri S, Airaksinen M, Taira T Altered synaptic dynamics and accentuated hippocampal network excitability but normal long-term plasticity in KCC2-deficient mice lacking hyperpolarizing GABA-AR-mediated inhibition J Neurophysiol, 2008, Jun;99(6):3075-89.

• N. Wanaverbecq, A. Semyanov, I. Pavlov, M.C. Walker, D.M. Kullmann Cholinergic axons modulate GABAergic signaling among hippocampal interneurons via postsynaptic a7 nicotinic receptors, J Neurosci, 2007, May 23;27(21):5683-93.


• Pavlov, I., (ed.), (2010) From neuron to cognition. St.-Petersburg, SPbSU, 190 p. (in Russian)

• Pavlov, I.Y., Vakhnenko, D.V., Moskvichov, D.V., (2010) Biology: textbook for the university entrants. (14th edition), Rostov-on-Don, Phoenix, 604 p. (in Russian).

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